Fight the Bite! Prevention Tips for Homeowners

Nothing drives Floridians indoors faster than a swarm of mosquitoes. They’re more than a nuisance, however — they can also be a danger to your family’s health.

Prevent Mosquitoes Around Your Home This Spring

When you live in South Florida, you anticipate spring with the same excitement a child has while waiting for Christmas. Unfortunately, nothing ruins a nice day outside like a swarm of bloodthirsty mosquitoes. If you’d like to learn how to prevent mosquitoes around your South Florida home this spring, read on.

Early Intervention is Your Best Opportunity to Prevent Mosquitoes

Before the weather warms up too much, you have a unique opportunity to keep the mosquito populations low around your  home. Eliminating standing water around your home is the best way to keep mosquito populations low. Take the time in early spring to look around your property for any areas where water can pool, then take measures to prevent it from happening.

Where to Look to Prevent Mosquitoes Around Your Home This Spring

Common places where water collects include, but are not limited to, the following:

      • Containers, such as flower pots, barrels, and pet dishes.
      • Toys, such as tire swings, bikes with baskets, and upturned frisbees.
      • Gutters, if clogged with leaves and other debris.
      • Lawn debris, such as leaf piles.
      • Low spots on the lawn or near the foundation of your home.
      • Overgrown or shaded areas.
      • Uncovered pools or hot tubs.
Mosquito bite prevention info-graphic: protect your home and environment from mosquitoes

Steps to Take to Prevent Water From Collecting

To prevent water from pooling in the areas mentioned above, try the following:

      • Remove unnecessary containers.
      • Drill holes in necessary containers to allow water to disperse.
      • Put toys away when not in use.
      • Clean out your gutters.
      • Remove lawn debris whenever it collects.
      • Fill low spots in your lawn or create a drainage system that directs water away from your lawn.
      • Cut back overgrowth and keep the foundation of your home free of excess moisture.
      • Cover pools and hot tubs with tight-fitting covers when not in use.

The Best Way to Prevent Mosquitoes Around Your South Florida Home This Spring

Even by eliminating as many wet areas as possible, mosquitoes can still find their way onto your property. By utilizing the Mosquito Control program offered by Island Environmental, you can take care of the mosquitoes that would otherwise be missed. Mosquito Control targets the areas where mosquitoes spend their resting time, ensuring they won’t bother you when they’d normally become active later in the day.
Contact Island Environmental to learn more about our mosquito control program. You’ll be glad you did!